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Unique Education and Business Resource Package

Our current Education and Business resource platform is like no other in the world. The current investment into the research and development of our tuition and business systems is in the region of $10 million, so you can be assured, as can the students, that you’re getting the very best tools to do the job to a professional standard.

We use a blended approach of workbooks, worksheets, computer based activities, kinaesthetic activities, etc, in order to ensure that the tuition is delivered in an appropriate way for each child. We are NOT just a worksheet based business. Children learn when they are engaged so our aim is not to make the service ‘death by worksheets”. Lessons delivered in Kip McGrath centres are never boring!

Because our teaching platform is hosted online in the cloud, we can also offer lessons at home, online homework, flexi-lessons to fit around the customer, and more! All of these can be demonstrated to you at one of our open evenings. Information on open events will be sent to you with your requested Business Information Pack.

Qualified teacher in Inverness tutoring centre working with students on maths and English problems

Find out how to run your own education business today!

Find out if running your own business is the right thing for you. Do you:

  • Want to earn in excess of £60,000+ per year?
  • Build good relationships with children and parents?
  • Like to see students really making progress?
  • Think that modern technology is an important step in engaging the students of today?
  • Like the idea of starting part time and building up around your other family & work commitments?
  • Want to build a valuable and saleable asset?
Inverness Education Business prospectus

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